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Firefox, change color
Firefox, the main shortcuts
Firefox, phone book, Create a bookmark
Firefox phone book, Search for a number
Firefox + Orca, structured navigation
Firefox, internet research
Firefox, locate links
Firefox, go to Youtube

Firefox, change color

This requires the use of the mouse.

1) launch Firefox in the usual way
2) press : ALT + N to go to the menu : Edit. You hear : Edit-Menu.
3) with Down Arrow, go down to hear : Preferences.
4) validate with : Enter.
5) you are in the zone : ’Search in the parameters’.
6) write the word : colors, to go to : fonts and colors,
7) Tabulate to go to the button : colors
7) at the end of the line : Text, make a right click to choose the color.
8) at the end of : background : right click to choose the color.
9) choose also the color of the visited or not visited links.
10) check or uncheck the line : underline the links.
11) important, in the next line, it is written :
Override the colors specified by the page with those chosen above,
Then choose : Always, if you want Firefox to always keep these colors.
12) Confirm with : Enter. and exit Firefox by pressing : ALT + F4.

Shortcuts for Firefox

When Firefox is launched :
CTRL + T : create a new tab.
ALT + D : go to the address bar,
(you can also do F6 and then space bar)
ALT + M : go to the Bookmark menu,
CTRL + K : go to the search bar,
CTRL + F : search in the page.

CTRL + ALT + R : go to reading mode
then press the PLUS key on the disabled numeric keypad
ALT + Left Arrow : go back one page

CTRL + W : close the last tab.
CTRL + TAB : jump from one tab to another.
ALT + F4 : close Firefox.

Firefox, phone book, Create a bookmark

If you often go to the phone book, the easiest way is to create a bookmark. Launch Firefox. You hear : Mozilla Firefox, loading in progress, finished.
Press CTRL + D to go to the address bar, creating a new tab.
Type the address : http://pagesjaunes.fr/pagesblanches .
Hit the ENTER key on your keyboard.
Then the home page of the site opens. You hear : please wait.
Press ALT + M, you hear : bookmark menu.
Scroll down with the Down Arrow to the line : mark this page.
Hit the ENTER key on the keyboard.

Easier : we have created a handy link for you to place in your bookmarks.

Firefox phone book, Search for a number

You want to get the phone number of a person.
For example the address of Mr. EXTREME in Toulouse.

Launch Firefox and press ALT + M to go to the bookmarks.
Use the Down Arrow key to go down until you hear : white pages.
To validate, hit the ENTER key on the keyboard.

You will hear a whole description ending with "navigation mode".
Tab once, you hear : form field, who ?
Marie Durand. Marie Durand is just an example -
Enter the name you are looking for, here : EXTREME
Tab a second time, you hear : where ? input field.
Enter the city.
Tab twice until you hear : send-button-find.
And hit the ENTER key on the keyboard.
A list of results appears.

To navigate through this list, press the H key repeatedly. When you have found the person you are looking for, use the down arrow to find the address and phone number

Firefox + Orca - structured navigation

First check : INSERT + A and INSERT + Z to see if you are in focus mode or in navigation mode

Letters are always used in the same way :

  • letter : next element
  • SHIFT + letter : previous element
  • ALT + SHIFT + letter : list of elements

For example :
H : next title
SHIFT + H : previous title
ALT + SHIFT + H : list of titles

Letters :

H : titles (headers)
E : forms, editing
K : hypertext links
L : lists
P : paragraphs
B : buttons
Q : quotes
C : drop-down lists
R : radio button
X : checkboxes
O : important objects
M : markers
S : separators
A : clickable elements
G : image elements
T : tables

Firefox, Internet search

- Launch Firefox, and do : CTRL + T to open a new tab.
- Type the word you want, for example Linux.
- Do ENTER with the keyboard. You hear : document frame, navigation mode.
- You find yourself with a whole list of sites.
If the computer asks you to deactivate the Google instant search, accept by hitting the ENTER key on the keyboard.

- Press SHIFT + ALT + H, ORCA announces the number of links found.
- Scroll down with the H3 key on the main pad to reach the level 3 links.
- When you have found the right one, press the ENTER key on the keyboard twice.
- Reading the content of the site, more or less easy, depends on the design of the site.

If you are lost, return to the starting point with : ALT + Home .
To close Firefox, press : ALT + F4.

Firefox, find the links

it’s about quickly finding all the links on a page
and to read easily.

1 - Open Firefox and go to a page,
for example that of framasoft.
2 - Tab once and do : SHIFT + ALT + K .
then a window will open listing all
the links of the page.
3 - Navigate in this list with Arrow-Down or
Up Arrow. Orca reads all the lines.
4 - When you have found the line you want, press Enter to select it
and Enter again to open it.
5 - You can simplify the presentation by doing : CTRL + ALT + R to text the page
6 - You can then read the text
or have it read by ORCA.
You can also do : SHIFT + ALT + K to find the links included in the text.

Firefox, go to Youtube

First, mute the ORCA voice by hitting the CTRL key

Make a bookmark for Youtube.

Launch Firefox
Do : ALT + D to reach the address bar and type the text : youtube.com
Validate with Enter then do : CTRL + D then Youtube is placed in the Bookmarks.

Go look for a singer on Youtube, for example Brassens.

Launch Firefox
Do : ALT + M to reach the bookmarks and go down to Youtube.
Validate with Enter and type the word : yt Brassens. Validate with Enter.
Do : SHIFT + ALT + K to list all the links on the page.
Browse this list with Arrow-Down or Arrow-Up.
When you have found the line you want, press Enter to select it.
and again Enter to open it. The music starts.

Sound adjustment : with WIN + Up Arrow repeatedly to increase the volume,
or WIN + Arrow-Down repeatedly to decrease the volume

CTRL + Down Arrow repeatedly to go back to the beginning of the song, or F5
CTRL + Up Arrow repeatedly to advance in the song.

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Notes et consignes

Attention, certains logiciels et certains raccourcis-clavier sont spécifiques : ils ne fonctionnent qu'avec Aciah-Linux. ils sont destinés à simplifier le fonctionnement global mais n'empêchent pas le fonctionnement classique.

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